Frequently Asked Questions

See the attachment for the Ministry outline of the Sunnyhills School Zone.

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No - the length of the lunch hour remains the same regardless of weather conditions. Likewise school will close at the normal time of 3pm.

This is optional and entirely up to the parent. A lot of children like to stay at kindy for their birthday and start school the following day. The choice is yours.

Children cannot be dropped at school until 8a.m. They are then to sit in the courtyards until the 8.30 bell rings where they can then enter their classrooms and play on the school grounds.

No we only have an after-school-care programme whichs runs from 3pm-6pm.

Children cannot be dropped at school until 8am.

They are to sit in the courtyards until the 8.30am bell when they can then enter their classroom and play in the school grounds.


Yes appointment times are necessary. To make an appointment contact the school office and they will set up a meeting time for you.

Contact School Office.

No - the office only stocks specialised stationery items e.g School diaries, that are not available from local stationery retailers.

All the rest of the stationery items can be purchased from any stationery retailer.

View school Stationery Lists.

No - the canteen is closed every Monday.

Canteen Menu

Summer Uniform - Beginning Term 1 until Queen's Birthday Weekend (June).
If the weather permits, children can begin wearing Winter Uniform from the start of Term 2, however if they choose to change over they must be in full Winter Uniform i.e no half and half.

Winter Uniform - Queen's Birthday Weekend until Labour Weekend (October).
Likewise if weather permits, children can being to wear Summer Uniform from the start of Term 4, however they must be in full Summer or Winter Uniform.

For economic reasons, five year old students can start in the uniform which best suits their start date i.e if a child is due to start in September, they can start in a Summer Uniform, rather than having to buy a Winter uniform to wear for a few weeks.

See the Uniforms page to view a full description of our School Uniform.

For 2013 this is currently $350 for the year, discounted to $320 if paid by the 31/3/2013.  All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

The meeting is approximately 1 hour long and it is where new entrant classroom routines are discussed. Parents also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Terms 1, 2 and 3; school closes at 2pm. Morning tea and lunch as per normal.

Term 4; school closes at 1pm. Morning tea and lunch as per normal.