Our Learning

Our Class Sites

We use Google Sites for our learning.  A site has been created for each year level, all the classes in that year level share the same site.  Within each site there is a learning showcase for each class that shows what that class has been doing over the term.  Sites are a great place to find out information about what's happening in your child's classroom.

Click on the links below to visit each site.  

2023 Google Sites 

Our sites are a work in progress

Our sites are continually updated throughout the school year so do check back often to ensure you see the most up to date information available.

Koru Whanau

Year 0/1 Site:

Room 17 Mrs Nikki White & Mrs Kylie Smith, Room 16 Rakhi Sharma,  Room 15 Miss Selena Lu, Room 11 Mrs Sheryl King, Room 12 

Year 2 Site:

Room 9 MissHanna Pyles, Room 10 Ms Lis Lewis & Mrs Sue Dijkstra, Room 13 Mrs Anna Madgwick, Room 14 Mrs Pam Smaill

Kowhai Whanau

Year 3 & 4 Site:

Room 18 Mrs Stephanie Trembath, Room 4 Miss Tiffany Hu, Room 5 Miss Sarah Van Rossen, Room 6 Mrs Rachael Fullard, Room 7 Mrs Sarah Turner & Mrs Sheryl Morris, Room 8 Mrs Kelly Robertson

Kauri Whanau

Year 5 Site:

Room 1 Miss Caitlin Davis, Room 2 Mr Richard Tucker, Room 3 Mrs Vanessa Cammell

Year 6 Site:

Kauri Hub 1 Mrs Shanon Burns,  Kauri Hub 2 Mrs Anna-Lena Lockie,  Kauri Hub 3 Mrs Susan Nelson

Our sites are updated, reviewed and changed regularly.  This means there may be the occasional mistake on them.  We do our best to ensure the information on them is accurate, easy to access and simple to understand.  If you spot a mistake please let us know and we'll do our best to fix it as soon as we can.

Our Specialist Blogs and Sites

In addition to our year level sites we also have some specialist teacher blogs and sites.  Check them out by clicking the links below:

What is a site?

At Sunnyhills our learning sites are a place for our GEMS to access their learning in a digital form.  They're also where we showcase some of that learning for our community.  Our sites are a great place to get up to date information about your child's class and year group.

Teachers and our learners will be sharing their learning on these sites so it's a great place to visit to see what's happening in our classrooms.  We encourage our community to visit your child's classroom site often.

Click on the link above to visit your child's year group site.