Term 1, Week 4:

Monday Year 6 students are off to Lakewood Lodge for camp.  Reminder to be at school early and bring your bags to The Crest side of the school - Buses will be in the staff carparks.  Please park and walk safely into school.

Tuesday: business as usual

Wednesday: business as usual

Thursday: Year 5's off to Piha and overnight they will be sleeping in the hall.  Kelly Club will be working out of the library on Thursday afternoon.  Year 6s return from camp.

Friday: Y6 recovery day.  

Thanks for your participation in the parent partnership meetings last week - we had 93% attendence and know other families will catch up with their teachers in the coming week to discuss your aspirations for learning with your child in the 2017 school year.  

We also had a wonderful turnout of parents and family for our first Friday afternoon assembly - thanks for supporting the new time slot.  We look forward to being able to share our learning and celebrating at these assemblies.

TRAFFIC - We have had several complaints about poor driving and parking around the school.  Last week with the bad weather there were some very dangerous incidents that occured around our immediate vacinity.  PLEASE take extra care of our pedestrians coming into school, drive cautiously and look out for the yellow lines --- these mean NO STOPPING at anytime --- also there is no parking at the designated times on the clearways on The Crest.   We have had to double up staff members to "patrol" these areas recently for the safety of our community.  If it is wet, park your car and put on a raincoat, or use an umbrella!  Please do not be offended if we ask you to move on or gently remind you about safety.  (Thanks in advance)


What makes Sunnyhills such a unique school?

It is a place where children are articulate, caring and respectful, displaying a strong sense of citizenship; a place endorsed by a safe and nurturing community. Our parents have high expectations of their children, matched by unconditional support.  At Sunnyhills we strive to unlock the potential in every child as we grow lifelong learners.

Our business first and foremost is children’s learning; preparing our young people with the skills they need for the future. The Sunnyhills’ ‘Learning for life’ philosophy fosters independence, curiosity and critical thinking.  Students are engaged, and lead their own learning pathways through inquiry based topics.  They display a ‘have a go’ attitude and are not afraid to take responsible risks. 

Opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom are plentiful and diverse.  Children’s learning is supported by high quality teaching, well resourced classrooms, a music specialist and we have learning assistants in all of our junior classrooms. The Arts, sports and culture are valued and are an integral part of our varied programme.

Justine Driver