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Welcome to Term 4, Week 9: 4th - 8th December, Hakihea at Sunnyhills...

Kia ora Sunnyhills Whanau

Just 2 weeks to go.  This week we look forward to our Year 6 Graduation on Thursday night.  Please note Year 6 whanau that after Marvellous Monday (next week) the Year 6 cohort are able to wear their leavers T-shirts for the remainder of Week 10.  This will mean if you'd like your uniform to be onsold (or donated) to the PTA, you can bring it in clean after the weekend with the labels ready for the PTA sale.

What a wonderful Celebration Evening we had last Thursday.  It was wonderful to see the joy in our GEMS eyes as they performed for whanau and the community market, picnic and food trucks went well too! The celebration evening was in lieu of the Celebration Assemblies we have previously had.  Next week, each whanau group will have their final assembly and certificates for the End of Year will be given out.  These Whanau Assemblies will be at 9am on:

Please note on Friday 15th we finish at 12.30pm (we usually have a Christmas Sing-a-long assembly at 11.30am on the last day too).  

This week's reminders:

Rāhina, Monday 4th December, Hakihea: 

Rātū, Tuesday 5th December, Hakihea:

Rāapa, Wednesday 6th December, Hakihea:

Rāpare, Thursday 7th December, Hakihea:

Rāmere, Friday 8th December, Hakihea:

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Whakatipuranga - succession 

Māku te ra e tō ana; kei a koe te urunga ake o te rā

Let mine be the setting sun; yours is the dawning of a new day

Nga mihi nui

Justine Driver


Let's continue to be guided by our G-E-M-S:

*SUPPORT LOCAL * PTA Directory Listings *

Here are the quick contact links to those business that are supporting us! The PTA local partnership of these business helps supports us at Sunnyhills! Listings will be on our weekly update, linked from the @School App now (instead of the contact tracing), on our website and in our newsletters.  sPlease contact them for a quote if you are considering work , renovations, sales etc...!

PTA Directory Listings:

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50th Jubilee update:

Thank you for the continued interest in attending a Jubilee to mark our 50 years.  After much discussion and taking into account the current covid environment, with interest from people wishing to travel to attend, we will hold off to celebrate our 55th Anniversary instead in 2025. 

New Cheer/Chant Challenge

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device 

Information for new parents and those with children entering Year 3 in 2024 is here drop-in sessions are now ready to book.

PTA Local Directory Slideshow

Read our STRONG Education Review by clicking the image below:

Read our STRONG Education Review Office Report

What makes Sunnyhills such a unique school?

It is a place where children are articulate, caring and respectful, displaying a strong sense of citizenship; a place endorsed by a safe and nurturing community. Our parents have high expectations of their children, matched by unconditional support.  At Sunnyhills we strive to unlock the potential in every child as we grow lifelong learners.

Our business first and foremost is children’s learning; preparing our young people with the skills they need for the future. The Sunnyhills’ ‘Learning for life’ philosophy fosters independence, curiosity and critical thinking.  Students are engaged, and lead their own learning pathways through inquiry based topics.  They display a ‘have a go’ attitude and are not afraid to take responsible risks. 

Opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom are plentiful and diverse.  Children’s learning is supported by high quality teaching, well resourced classrooms, a music and environmental educational specialist teachers and we have learning assistants in all of our junior classrooms. The Arts, sports and culture are valued and are an integral part of our varied programme.

Ms. Justine Driver 


Have you downloaded our app?

Sunnyhills School is committed to providing the best education possible for your child.  We have communicated with you our new Spotlight reporting changes that are being phased in. To this end, you now have the ability to securely view information about your child through the new Parent APP and in time have greater access digitally to real-time reporting on your child's current learning progress (this aspect has not been fully released to our community yet).  We encourage all parents to download the APP and log in, as you will also find this a useful portal for school notices too!

iOS Devices (iPads, iPhones) 

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Click directly on the link to the left (or the link/logo) at the top of this webpage to view the computer view of your child's portal.