Please see the notices for the stationery pack prices available at Paper Plus in Howick. These packs have specific items based on their quality and durability and we have secured a discounted rate for the start of the year and the school.

Students in Years 3 -6 are also invited to bring a device to school. Our preferred device is a Chromebook. Please see our BYOD page for information and more details.

Please be mindful regarding purchase of stationery items individually rather than from the pack:

1) We have secured these items at a discounted rate for the back to school special prices

2) You must supply the exact item required/brand required - especially for pencils as the quality varies and the Staedtler brand have reliable leads that do not break as readily

3) We often 'pool' the consumable items (vivids, whiteboard markers, glue sticks, pencils, jovi crayons, felts, highlighters) into a class set for the teacher then to distribute out as needed. This eliminates the competition with pencil cases and ensures that there will be less asking for more money to get more pencils etc... (this system is used widely at other local schools).

4) There are new products that the junior team in particular are using this year - with the Clever Kiwi brand of books and a new reading log book. Clever Kiwi is stocked at other providers, however the reading log that we use is only at Paper Plus in Howick.

Stationery Lists