Chrome Upgrade

Information for students and parents in year 3, 4 and 5 in 2022

Chrome Upgrade Information

This information is for parents, caregivers and students who are currently in Year 3, 4 and 5

After careful review of our security and management systems for our BYOD - Bring your own device programme we have decided to implement a Chrome Education Upgrade onto BYOD Chromebooks. We already have this upgrade on Chromebooks that are owned by the school. The following information explains what the upgrade is and what this upgrade means for you and your child’s device. More information about this upgrade will be emailed to parents early in term 4.

Chrome Upgrade Timetable for 2022

The timetable will be released early in term 4

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Upgrade?

The Chrome Education Upgrade is a piece of software installed prior to logging into a Chromebook. It links the Chromebook to the Sunnyhills domain and applies wifi, application, security and other domain settings to the Chromebook. The upgrade then enforces those settings every time the Chromebook is turned on. The settings our upgrade will use include the following during school hours only:

  • Restricting the device to a Sunnyhills account during school hours

  • Restricting users to Sunnyhills approved applications

  • Opening directly into the learners’ year group home page

  • Providing a set of approved bookmarks for each classroom

  • Restricting/allowing appropriate google tools for each classroom

  • Turning on/off appropriate accessibility settings for each classroom and user where appropriate

  • Installing device updates when required

  • Installing security updates when required

  • The ability to monitor what the device is doing while connected to the school network

Outside of school hours the upgrade will provide the following settings:

  • Ability to login as a guest

  • Ability to login using consumer Google accounts

  • Ability to login using school account and apply Sunnyhills settings

  • Accounts that do not belong to the Sunnyhills domain will be able to download and install applications

Please note: The upgrade does not filter your internet access at home. It does not filter access to downloading applications on consumer accounts ( Each family needs to address their own Internet filtering.

The Chrome Education Upgrade will only be applied while your child is learning at Sunnyhills at the end of year 6 all upgrades will be removed automatically. If your child leaves Sunnyhills prior to the end of year 6 you will need to request upgrade removal prior to leaving Sunnyhills at the school office.

Why are you installing the upgrade?

The Chrome Education Upgrade provides a very simple, easily managed system for all Chromebooks. It allows us to push new applications, security measures and device updates very quickly and remotely - our technical team won’t have to have the Chromebook in front of them to apply any of these measures. It also means we can quickly customise Chromebooks to student needs through teacher and student requests.

Any device can work really well when setup to fit the purpose they’re being used for. During learning at home and since we’ve come back to face to face teaching and learning we’ve noticed many devices that haven’t been setup correctly. This has meant our teaching and technical teams have spent many hours fixing devices to ensure they’re setup correctly and ready for students to use. It also means we’ve had to try and connect with you our parents and caregivers to fix devices when we’d much rather be connecting with you about your child’s learning. Installing this upgrade will help to alleviate some of those stresses and ensure family owned Chromebooks are ready for student use.

What if we have an Apple or Windows device?

Unfortunately, we can’t install the upgrade on these devices. For this reason we are phasing in accepting Chromebooks as the only device students can use for BYOD. As mentioned during our BYOD parent evenings and on our BYOD page on our school website we do recommend a Chromebook. Windows and Apple devices are not as easy for us to manage. Filtering of internet access and careful monitoring of what your child is doing on their device when they are at school during school hours will still occur for these devices. The majority of the applications we use at school are available on these devices. However, there are not the equivalent monitoring of updates, wifi and applications available to us for Apple and Windows devices within our current system. We do strongly encourage families to consider Chromebooks instead of Apple and Windows devices.

My child will get their older brother or sisters device when they leave Sunnyhills, what should we do?

If your child will inherit their siblings device at the end of 2022 we will install the upgrade for them when they return to school in 2023. From 2023 If your child is getting a Chromebook device handed down to them from an older sibling that is currently at Sunnyhills the Education upgrade will still be on that device and likely won’t need reinstalling. We will be sending out notices at the end of each year that explain how to let us know a device is being passed on, this will ensure the device is ready for the next sibling.

What happens if we get a new device?

If you buy a new device or get a replacement for a broken device after the upgrade has been installed for your child’s class the upgrade will need to be installed on the new device. Please let your child’s teacher know when the device will start coming to school and they will arrange a time for the upgrade to be installed.

What happens if the device is repaired?

Most repairs will not affect the Chrome Upgrade. If you’re not sure if they affected the upgrade or not please let your child’s classroom teacher know and we will check the device comes back to school.

What happens to new students and students in year 2?

From 2023 we will only accept Chromebooks as BYOD at Sunnyhills school. We are going to phase this change in and will start with those who will be in year 3 in 2023 our current year 2 students. All students who bring a Chromebook to school will need to have the Education Upgrade installed on it. We will include this installation in our drop in sessions that are held at the beginning and end of the year for year 2 learners moving to year 3 and any new learners to Sunnyhills in year 4-6. This will be explained at our BYOD parent evening and also included on our BYOD page on our school website. As with students who get a replacement device drop in sessions will be arranged for new students as they come into the school.