Pause Breathe Smile

READY TO LEARN - Pause, Breathe, Smile through Mindfulness

We are supporting the wellbeing of our students and providing them with mental skills that they can utilise throughout their lives.

School teaching staff are trained to deliver the evidence-based Pause, Breathe, Smile programme developed by the Mindfulness Education Group and supported by the Mental Health Foundation.  At Sunnyhills we have adapted this programme to suit our needs.

Research of Pause, Breathe, Smile shows that the programme:

As part of our Health and PE curriculum we  encourage daily practice in the classrooms. Goals within our strategic plan are  to improve the capacity and capabilities of teachers to teach programmes that address strengthening mental health and wellbeing. We are focused on giving our children the tools needed to understand the importance of: exploring wellbeing, expressing feelings, developing resilience, coping with stress through relaxation, practicing mindfulness, caring for others wellbeing and being able to goal set and manage time.

The Pause, Breathe, Smile mindfulness programme is designed to improve focus and attention for better learning, increase student wellbeing, enhance self-awareness and pro-social behaviour, reduce anxiety and boost resilience.  All students at Sunnyhills School are learning about mindfulness practises using the 'Pause, Breathe, Smile' programme.

Pause, Breathe, Smile @Sunnyhills
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