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Sunnyhills is a decile 9 school, which means we receive the lowest possible level of government funding to run our school. However, we are fortunate to live in a community where education is highly valued and where it is recognised that a financial contribution is a necessary part of effective education. We have received positive financial input from our community in previous years and we trust you will recognise the value in your contribution this year. All schools in communities like ours, require a contribution from parents and caregivers to enable them to survive financially and to offer the level of education we all want for our students.  The school donation at Sunnyhills is $320 per child, or for families of 3 or more students a family donation of $800.   At $320 a year, divided by the number of days the school is open, the donation is $1.60 per day or $8.30 per week: about the same as two cups of coffee.

The board needs to raise in excess of $150,000 this year through school donations and other fundraising in order to deliver the quality of education demanded at Sunnyhills School.  Donations are used to provide resources to ensure that your child’s time at Sunnyhills School is really special. Students, as a result, benefit with the latest teaching resources, technology, equipment and teacher professional development. Some examples of where the school allocates parent donation funding include:

• iPads, laptops, Chromebooks and other classroom technology,

• Learning Assistants and additional staffing not funded by Ministry of Education,

• Support programs such as Maths Specialist and Literacy Support,

• School environment, play equipment, maintenance and operation of school pool,

• Professional development for teachers so they can continue to help students obtain the outstanding results in academic achievement that Sunnyhills School delivers.

In order to provide the best possible opportunities for learning for our children the Board sincerely hopes they can rely on your continued support and payment of this donation.  

While we would prefer to receive the total donation in a lump sum, if you would like to make arrangements to pay in instalments, we welcome your approach to set this up.  You may pay your contribution via Our Shop-Kindo portal.  Upon payment, a receipt will be issued for tax purposes.

All donations are valid for a 33.33% tax credit through IRD (download an IR526 form from the Inland Revenue). 

Methods of payment

Bank Account

While most payments will go through Our Shop/Kindo, from time to time payments are paid directly via internet banking.  

Our bank details are: