Chromebook Help 

Looking for more information about our BYOD programme?  Click here

Filtering home wifi

N4L (Network for learning) has provided filtering for devices used at home.  You can get setup instructions for this here on the switch onto safety site

Chromebook Troubleshooting

Do you have a Chromebook that's not behaving the way you expect it to?  Try these troubleshooting tips...


Updating your Chromebook regularly is really important.  Details on how to update a Chromebook can be found here.

Power Wash

As a last resort you might want to reset the device to factory settings this is called Power Washing on a Chromebook.  Details of how to do that can be found here

Clear Browser Cache

Clearing the browser cache clears saved passwords and cookies.  Details of how to clear the cache can be found here.

Technical Support

If you've tried all of the above please consult the retailer that you brought the device from for futher advice.

Delete Google Play Apps

Sometimes Google Play apps can cause problems on a device.  Details on how to remove them can be found here

Hardware Reset

Resetting hardware is sometimes necessary if the device has an issue. Details of how to reset hardware can be found here

Leaving Sunnyhills Procedures for Devices and Google Workspace Accounts

What happens if my child leaves the school?

Please contact the office via email as soon as possible to inform them about your child leaving.  You will also need to fill in this form so that we can ensure your child's device is removed from our system and you're able to use the device at their new school / at home without any of our Sunnyhills restrictions.  Please note that year 6 students who finish the year at Sunnyhills do not need to fill in this form.  All year 6 BYODs will go through the leaving process. 

Once the device has been removed from our system it is likely that you will need to powerwash (factory reset) the device to remove the 'The device is managed by Sunnyhills' message.  These instructions explain how to powerwash a Chromebook.  

The device will need to be connected to wifi in order to complete the powerwash process and remove the 'managed by Sunnyhills' message.

At the end of year 6 all students will have the opportunity to download creations they have made and wish to keep.  The process and timeline for doing this is listed below.

This document is updated in term 4 each year with the correct dates for that year.

End of Year Checklist - Students