Our Vision

Our Vision & Values

In 2017, Sunnyhills has become a member of the SCHOOLS THAT DELIVER network to develop a strong shared school vision and values with our learning community.

The Sunnyhills Vision

Sunnyhills School embodies the principles of “Learning for Life”. The students and staff are happy to come to school: happy to learn and happy to teach.  We are proud of the open and positive relationships we build with students, teachers, parents and the wider community.  

Our staff members are valued – we see them as our greatest asset – and the children of our learning community come first in our list of priorities.  We are happy, secure people with positive mindsets. Building leadership capacity and mentoring within our school allows us to develop an understanding of what leadership looks like.  We actively search for leadership qualities in staff; those who inspire and motivate, who lift others up and help them achieve their goals.

The potential to learn excites us!  Learning is authentic, inquiry driven and personalised.  Learners are confident and informed and are able to articulate clearly, “keeping the learning loud”.  Students know the what, the why and the next steps in the journey.  We are prepared to take risks and to persevere, all the while building resilience.  Different learning styles are recognised and catered for through a variety of opportunities, acknowledging and utilising the strengths of students and teachers.  Creative and critical thinking, the learning currency of tomorrow, is promoted.  There is support through resourcing to innovate and inspire our learners using modern technologies, while retaining passion lead learning and practical skills.  Our curriculum is inclusive of all learners and all cultures.

Our staff members are committed to working collaboratively within an environment where open communication is welcomed.  We explore and investigate modern learning pedagogies, and implement those strategies that are proven successful.  Investment in staff well-being and offering professional development opportunities ensure that we retain high quality teachers, with reduced stress levels, who support each other to be the best that they can be.  Keeping an open mind and demonstrating a willingness to adapt allows for change and modification of our practices for the sake of improvement.  We nurture a growth mindset, where mistakes are accepted as a part of the learning process.

Sunnyhills has a diverse community.  We are responsive to our learners and whanau through our recognition and respect of the many cultures, languages, identities and needs.  A willingness to embrace differences is fostered, all the while promoting our special “Kiwi Culture”. Our school community is supportive and their involvement is reflected in their positivity.   We foster the ability to listen, reflect and respond to feedback.  Our staff, students and the community are kept up to date with current and future technologies and recognise that some future occupations are not yet created.  

Through staff and community commitment, we encourage the development of learners who are open minded and adaptable and who can articulate their thinking.   Enthusiasm and a thirst for new skills and knowledge are a part of our school culture.  Students acquire the competence involved in using the technologies that enhance the quality of learning.  We work together for a sustainable future by integrating and embedding sound environmental practices that meet the needs of the present, without compromising the generations to come.  Our community respect our core values and beliefs and acknowledge the role of the key competencies in developing lifelong learning.

Our Sunnyhills Learning Community Values

GEMS are precious stones and we believe our tamariki are precious.  GEMS in the right environment will grow and thrive. If we have all our GEMS we will have the #SunnyhillsSHINE and be truly “Learning for Life”.  

Our Sunnyhills Values that came from our visioning process have remained the same, however you will note now we have colour coded and reordered them to reflect the GEMS in which they sit within.

G - Growth (teaching & learning)

E - Empathy (relationships)

M - Mana (pride, actions & interactions)

S - Self-belief (identity & confidence)