Our People

Our Staff 

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Senior Leaders

Principal: Mr Mark Keenan

Deputy Principal Kauri Whanau: Mrs Sharon Knofflock

Acting Deputy Principal Koru Whanau, SENCO: Mrs Joanne Burge

Y6: Kauri Whanau

Kauri Hub 1 Mrs Shanon Burns (Team Leader)

Kauri Hub 2 Mrs Anna-Lena Lockie

Kauri Hub 3 Mrs Susan Nelson

Y5: Kauri Whanau

Room 1: Miss Caitlin Davis

Room 2: Mr Richard Tucker (Team Leader) 

Room 3: Miss Bri Pearce (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri) & Mrs Kylie Smith (Tues) 

Y4: Kauri Whanau

Room 4:  Miss Tiffany Hu

Room 5: Miss Rachael Fullard (Team Leader)

Room 6: Miss Sarah van Rossen

Y3: Koru Whanau

Room 7: Mrs Ella Oxford

Room 8: Mrs Kelly Robertson

Room 18: Mrs Stephanie Trembath (Team Leader)

Y2: Koru Whanau

Room 13 : Miss Anna Madgwick

Room 14 : Mrs Pam Smaill

Room 10: Ms Lis Lewis (Mon, Tues, Wed, Team Leader) & Mrs Clare Van Kuijk (Thurs & Fri)

Y1: Koru Whanau

Room 11: Miss Sheryl King

Room 15: Miss Selena Lu  & Ms Sheryl Morris (Thursday)

Room 16: Mrs Calista Baptista (Acting Team Leader) & Mrs Sue Dijkstra (Thursday)

Room 17: Miss Nikki White 

Teaching Staff

Enviro Specialists, Green Room: Mrs Christine Daniel (Wed & Thurs) & Mrs Sue Dijkstra (Tues)

Digital Technology Specialist, Room 20 (Exploration Station): Mrs Angela Lee

Music Specialist, Music Room: Mrs Stella Anggraini 

Release Teachers: Mrs Vanessa Cammell, Mrs Sheryl Morris, Miss Katie Robertson

Support Staff - Office

Secretary & PA: Mrs Ann-Marie Anderson

Finances: Mrs Jenni Gibbens

Admin Assistant (+ Library & Resources): Mrs Sandra Monaghan

Support Staff - Teaching

Top row left to right

Mr Pete Smith

Mrs Sandy Rawlinson

Mrs Tracey Hill

Mrs Diane Treeby

Mr Campbell Milnes

Bottom row left to right

Mrs Fiona Waite

Mrs Francesca Voykovich

Mrs Alison Clyde

Support Staff - Property

Property Manager: Mr Grant Leslie (Left) & Mr Chris Williams (Centre)

Groundsman: Mr Pete Smith (Right)